Fresh Passion Leadership Manual

In this case study of Michael D. Brown’s two years spent showing leaders of a Fortune 5 oil and gas company how to become distinct branded leaders instead of extinct generics, Michael D. Brown shows you how to employ his unique and proven Fresh PASSION methodology to build a personal brand that will maximize your potential and help you to achieve success beyond your dreams in whatever field you choose. Fresh PASSION is the pathway to outperform and outshine your peers and competitors and obtain the professional and personal rewards you deserve, in a manner that will encourage people to follow your lead with passion, conviction and determination without being asked (or begged)

Brown outlines both the Fresh PASSION method and how he applied it in this particular situation with easy-to-follow detail, personal assessments and an interactive action guide that will lead to you developing, enhancing and positioning your personal brand for exponential personal, professional and economic success.

You will discover how longtime employees left behind their “generic” ways of thinking and conducting business to create an entire experience they could present to employers, bosses, clients, and co-workers that left them begging for their services and produced double-digit top- and bottom-line results for the company and their clients. This process positioned them as sought-after brands in the organization and lead to them earning record financial compensation, consistent recognition and promotions. With Fresh PASSION, they avoided the pitfalls of a generic career and instead obtained the benefits and leadership credentials that come from being a branded entity.