Fresh PASSION Methodology

Fresh means doing something every day to enhance your brand, keep your skills sharp, and package yourself for success.

PASSION is the inner drive to do your very best, not simply because you hope it will make you rich or famous or attractive, but because it will allow you to maximize your potential as a human being. Follow Michael D. Brown’s method to enhance your personal brand and you’ll be on the Fresh PASSION path to:

Preparing yourself: continuing your education through classes, professional development, and maintaining an active intellectual interest and knowledge capital in your career and life.

Aspiring to reach your goals: having particular ambitions and then setting out to achieve your goals – aim at nothing and you are guaranteed to hit it!

Staying laser-focused: intently focusing on each area of Fresh PASSION®, otherwise you’ll miss the mark and not deliver your brand.

Selling your value: understanding your return on investment, having confidence in your fullest potential, and constantly searching for new opportunities that will help you meet, or even succeed, that potential

Invigorating yourself: having the tenacity and discipline to go the distance and secure your personal and professional success – fan the flame within and catch on fire!

Omitting the negative: learning from the inevitable negative experiences you will encounter without dwelling on them or letting them consume the valuable real estate in your head – you have so much more ahead of you!

Nailing the brand: successfully packaging your substance (your core) up and putting a bow on it so that you become a fresh brand that can successfully compete and WIN internally and externally, which will enable you to achieve exponential personal and professional success Keeping it ‘Fresh’: you need to do it all with a complete new and dazzling approach.